Technical Information

Scientifically Tested & Approved

We use PU coated 200 denier nylon which meets all automotive sector requirements including flammability, Durability & water resistance whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing.

we use 200 denier nylon as it is the perfect example of a strong and lightweight material compared to other higher density denier fabrics. Our seat covers are coated in premium quality PU giving a robust waterproof and hydrophobic layer providing exceptional protection against any liquid.

Proven to be resistant against friction for over 60,000 uses

Proven To Offer Protection & Resistance Against:

  • Dye Transfer
  • Staining & Abrasion
  • Fraying & Ripping
  • Chemicals & Cleaners

Unique Fixing Mechanism

Patent pending GripX technology allows a safe and secure bond between seat cover and fixture also allowing easy application and removal.

Headrest guide technology ensure accurate fitment avoiding damage to seats and seat cover.



Airbag Compatibility

All seat covers are produced with user safety as a priority. We provide Isofix & Airbag compatible models (Where Specified) fitted with our specialised closed & open seam deployment systems.

Closed Seam Deployment System - Specially tailored seat covers featuring unique stitching to allow the correct deployement of airbags. These covers are pre-tested to ensure funtionality everytime.

Open Seam Deployment System - Seat covers have a binded opening feature to allow free deployment of the airbag.




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