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About Inka Corporation

Inka is a dynamic lifestyle brand specialising in tailored, premium quality automotive accessories. We draw on our heritage of combining quality and fine craftsmanship with innovation and exquisite design to create our own quintessential style that is specifically engineered to be fit for purpose. Our premium quality products combine the finest in British and German engineering with Italian inspired design. Our products offer longevity and authenticity by being at the cutting edge of engineering, design, and styling, utilizing the finest high-performance materials available today.

Our sister company Auto Kit International is a well-established supplier of high-quality leather trim to leading car manufacturers’ including Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, VW and Audi. This has given Inka access to the original equipment specifications and materials used during manufacture. By combing this with the same quality assurance processes, ensures our products consistently exceed expectations.

Our Partners

Inka are part of the Auto-Kit International Group making us one of the largest automotive accessory manufacturers in the UK.

We aim to use the convenience of technology to make shopping for vehicle seat covers and accessories as easy as possible for all our customers. If you shop with us you will have access to thousands of products from the comfort of your home, sort through a huge range of seat covers, storage options and accessories with ease.


Inka is a registered trademark © All rights are reserved for any infringement or unauthorised use of our patterns , designs and images which are copyrighted.
Inka is the associated retail brand of Auto-Kit International Ltd Registered in England and Wales No. GB 4107092 VAT Reg No: GB765555104